App Review: Spotter

App Review: Spotter

I stumbled upon an app called Spotter available for Android devices. Spotter is yet another mobile application claiming to become a new cryptocurrency sometime in the future.

The App

So I installed Spotter on my phone. Not much to see. There is a mining button to start a new session. After pressing an ad is shown, Spotter asks you to leave a review and your mining session starts.

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But unlike Pi Network or Bee your mining session does not last 24 hours. In Spotter Network the mining session only lasts for one hour. So it means that every hour you need to open the app and click the mining button again and watch some advertisement. And this means that it requires much more effort.

A Screenshot of Spotter on my Phone
A Screenshot of Spotter on my Phone

I must admit, I’ve got much better things to do than checking my phone on a hourly basis. Like take my dog out for a walk, have good meal, take a long dump etc. You get it.

To me this is strong evidence that Spotter Network is literally just jumping on the hype train of Pi Network to get people to download the app and watch advertising so the creators of the app make a ton of money in ad revenue.

Quite a clever scheme. Why didn’t I come up with it? ????????????

Funny: If we look into the main menu, we can already see that the first menu item, the home screen, is called wallet. But it’s not a wallet. ????‍♂️

Another thing is that when we go to the calculator, we can actually see that the app tells that I have 3.610 SP coin with a value of $0.016.

Spotters Calculator
The “Calculator” ????

But: Spotter Network is not a cryptocurrency, you cannot use it. You cannot trade it, it’s not listed on any exchanges. Spotter doesn’t have a Blockchain, there’s no proof that they’re working on a Blockchain, so therefore it has exactly zero value.

Showing people any kind of value in the app to make them think that what they have actually is valuable is misleading!


A red flag for me is that the FAQs are not publicly available on the website. You actually can only find them within the application.

Questions like “What is Spotter Network?“, “How do I earn Spotter Network cryptocurrency?” and “What are the steps in using Spotter Network?“, are pretty much very simplified copies from whatever Pi Network uses as their answers.

The whole FAQ section doesn’t provide any evidence that there is actually some kind of development of a cryptocurrency in progress or ongoing.

The Website

Okay… Spotter is described as an application developed in Italia. Italia is a european country, right? So they have to comply to european regulations, don’t they?

So why is there absolutely no imprint on their website? Why is there no privacy policy? I even miss that annoying cookie notice pop-up (I really hate that thing). This looks all quite shady to me.

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But hey, I get it. You start a new project and you may not be able to dot everything in time. There’s a lot of things to consider when you really launch a business, but it’s definitely not too much to ask to cover the basics.

So if you create your website, all you would have to do is search for legal requirements for a website in whatever country you are located and you would find a list of things that you need to have on your page in order to be legally compliant.

It’s not a lot, it just requires you to put some effort into looking it up.

The White Paper

Yeah… There is a White Paper. Filled with buzz words like so many. At the end of the PDF there is a list of people behind Spotter. Finally. So I searched Google for the first three of them. Try it for yourself, you won’t find much about them. Shady again.

So is it a scam or legit?

To be fair, there is a tiny little chance that Spotter is an app just in a very early stage of development. It is also possible that the people behind Spotter didn’t consider the required things like privacy policy and other things. They might catch up and actually launch real development and show proof that the project is legit.

Right now I’d stay away from Spotter. In my opinion it is just a scam to make you watch advertisements.

But hey, I could be totally wrong. Do not take my words for granted.

Really? Still wanna try?

If you want to check out Spotter for yourself, you will need to enter a username as a referral. To make it easy for you can just use mine down below:


Or don’t and look for another one. I really don’t care about Spotter. ????

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