App Review: Coku Network

App Review: Coku Network

Is Coku Network a scam? Let’s find out.

Yet another app I discovered in Googles Play Store. Coku claims to be “a blockchain that avoids complex transaction volumes, it uses easy solutions. (…). Coku aims to keep artistic souls together.” (Source)

Oh, how delightful. I consider myself as an artistic soul. And I like easy solutions. This is soooo appealing to me! ????????????

Okay, I will try to keep my sarcasm for myself. I will try, please keep that in mind. ????

The App

Once installed Coku reminds a bit of Pi and Bee Network. There is a mining button which you can press every 24 hours to start a new session. As in Pi and Bee the mining process does not use any of your phone’s resources.

Coku offers upgrades to increase your mining speed starting from $24,99 up to $499,99. Since Coku Coins do not have any value at the moment I strongly recommend not to buy these upgrades.

Coku… Sounds kinda japanese to me. And the visual esthetics remind me of Manga. Look at the cute bull carrying a lantern. Adorable. Or isn’t Coku japanese at all? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

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The White Paper

Yeah, there is one. A three page PDF with some buzz words. Not worth mentioning any of that. But the people behind Coku showed their humour by naming that three page document ‘CokuNetworkLightPaper.pdf’. ????

The people behind Coku

To make this short, you can’t find any information about them (21/06/09).

And this is the point where it starts to get shady:

There is no imprint or contact information. Well, to be fair this is not entirely correct. Two shut down Telegram groups are linked. And there is an email address. Drop them a line or two. I did not. ????

Oh, they’ve got an WhatsApp account as well pointing to a number with the international prefix +1 (701) which means it is registered anywhere in the USA. To be more precise: North Dakota.

North Dakota. Interesting. So take a look at the screenshot above. As you can see the company’s head office (no other location is specified so I go with head office) is in İsveç.

Never heard of İsveç? Well, that means you should learn turkish. ????????????

İsveç is turkish for Sweden. ????????

Okay… A kinda japanese looking app developed by a swedish company with a support number (or WhatsApp, you get it) located in the US. This could either be proof for a scam scheme of a simple lack of transparency. Not cool in any case.

Is it legit?

Hell, I don’t know. Who am I? The Delphic Oracle? ????

To be fair, there is a chance that Coku is an app just in a very early stage of development. It is also possible that the people behind Coku didn’t consider some things. They might catch up and show proof that the project is legit. But it could be a scam as well. ????‍♂️

Should I try it out?

Why not? Coku does not drain your battery. It does not require any permissions and by today I have not discovered any ads. Maybe this will change some day, who knows?

So as long as you do not buy the mentioned upgrades to increase your mining speed Coku is totally (risk) free to try out. Even if Coku will be worth anything from zero to nothing you will not loose anything besides a couple of seconds a day for pressing a tiny little button.

Just follow this link to the Play Store and install Coku.

Happy mining. ????⛏️⛏️

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