App Review: Ant Network

App Review: Ant Network. Be concerned!

Ant Network running on my phone, mining.
Ant Network running on my Android Phone, mining crypto

Ant Network is a cryptocurrency mining application. Based on a mobile application users can mine ant coin by pushing a button once or twice a day.

Unlike other game-like crypto mining apps, Ant Network creators claim that the goal of creating this coin is to establish a privacy-centered social media sharing network. Both content creators and viewers will earn profit while viewing or playing video games.

However, there are many red flags about this network. Such as the anonymity of creators, paid upgrades, lack of privacy policy, and system errors.

In this article we explore reasons why we don’t think Ant Network is a good investment of your time or money:

About Ant Network

Like Alpha Network and Eagle Network Ant Network is a cryptocurrency mining application where users click a button twice everyday and receive 48 virtual coins per day.

Once 1000 coins are collected they can be withdrawn to the Ant Network wallet. The Ant Network Android application was launched in March 2021.

According to the roadmap, the goal of launching the network is to create an advertising and social media sharing platform similar to YouTube.

Differences between YouTube and Ant Network would be:

  • No Censorship
    Ant Network will be a privacy centered platform so no censorship authority can remove the content off the platform.
  • No Middle men
    In YouTube, when users view an ad within a video, Google gets 45% of the profit and the content creator gets the remaining 55%. Ant Network aims to remove the platform profit and divide the ad earnings between the content creator and the ad viewer where both will earn ant coins.

However, competing with YouTube is of course a risky challenge.

The majority of everyday users are highly unlikely to switch to a new platform when all their followers are on the older platform.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Sure, there are some cases of social networks losing their dominance.

For example, MySpace lost it’s dominance to Facebook.

Today, Facebook is losing it’s dominance to Tiktok. But that has only happened to young adults so far.

What are the project phases of Ant Network?

The app creators designed the mining rate to be halved when number of users reaches these numbers: 10k, 500k, 1M, 500M. Mining rate started at 4 coins/hour. In February 2021, the first halving occurred when app users reached 10k, and in May 2021, the second halving occurred, and now users earn 1 coin per hour for a 24h mining session.

According to the Whitepaper this means:

  • In the second quarter of 2021, they will hold a private coin sale where users can buy ant coins in order to collect enough money to finance the video sharing platform project.
  • In Q4 of 2021, the team claims to establish and test the video sharing network
  • In Q1 in 2022, the team claims that they will launch the ant coin and list it on crypto exchanges.

Is Ant Network legit?

In short: Nah! We don’t think so. We see many red flags in this network, making us believe that creators do not plan on actually launching a real coin, hence, wasting time of the app users.

Some of the issues related to Ant Network are:

  • Paid Upgrades
    In order to increase the mining speed within one session, users can buy packages with cryptocurrency. The mining speed will range from 2-75 coins per hour at a maximum price of $100. Paid upgrades are a big red flags when it comes to similar cryptocurrency projects because the creators are already making real money whereas the users are investing in virtual assets which may not turn into actual profits. Additionally, making the payment method through cryptocurrency makes it harder to trace the transactions and fraud if the creators decide to terminate the project and take the profits.
  • The people behind AntNetwork are unknown
    Although some of the creators of other legitimate projects such as Bitcoin used nicknames, almost no successful crypto project had a completely anonymous team behind it. Ant Network creators are both anonymous and state that they do not have corporate emails for people to reach out to them.
  • No Privacy Policy
    The Ant Network website does not have a privacy policy about users’ data collecting, tracking, and sharing with third parties. Privacy policies are a legal requirement in the US, Canada, European Union, Australia, and India, Japan to ensure that companies do not use users’ data in unethical ways. Lacking a privacy policy is a major red flag. App creators could be sharing user data for benefit within the mining app, in the future video sharing platform or with 3rd parties.
  • LOADS of complaints on Google Play store
    We checked out user comments on the google play app store and found many users complaining about issues in the login and password, reduction in mining speed, inactive wallets, and resetting of coins after large earnings. E.g.:
    • “It keeps reducing my mining by half at the end of every mining cycle, by now my balance should have been over a hundred, and after the recent update my total balance just dropped down to 32.”
    • “I accidentally exited and now when I try to login using the right password it says it is wrong, and when I try to reset, it says mail not sent”
    • “Can’t access the wallet or even access a link to a wallet.”
    • “I already mined 200+coins but the app shows only 12 coins.”
    • “App keeps resetting my mining”

We also noticed that the network’s customer support team do not reply to the comments or reviews on the Google Play store. What a surprise. 😉


From our perspective, it seems that Ant Network is a scam with no real value to users in the long term. We don’t encourage people to invest any of their time or money in projects where anonymous creators can make profit off of the users’ time, and possibly data.

As always we encourage you to visit our ‘Free-Crypto’-Page to build your first crypto asset or expand your extisting ones.

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