Airdrop: 1,000,000 Lovecoins

Airdrop: 1,000,000 Lovecoins ❤️

The Lovecoin project describes itself as a philanthropic cryptocurrency based upon Bitcoin and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain technology, designed with the purpose of spreading; Love, Peace, Happiness and Economic Freedom Worldwide. Every participant gets 1,000,000 Lovecoins. Your earnings can be increased either by referring new users or by completing very simple tasks like forwarding something on social media. 💡

How to get started

The first thing you need to do is download a compatible crypto wallet application. Visit our Wallets page to see a listing of compatible wallet applications. After you setup a wallet application, the next step is to acquire your first Lovecoin tokens. Unlike 99% of other cryptocurrencies, Lovecoin is unique because they airdrop each new member free lovecoin tokens. At the moment each new member gets 1,000,000 free Lovecoins, just for signing up!

Vote and Support Charities

One of the things that makes Lovecoin unique compared to other cryptocurrencies is the fact that 10% of all newly created Lovecoins, go to support user voted upon charities and causes.

How to mine Lovecoins

Lovecoin has implemented an innovative new cryptocurrency mining method dubbed “Proof of User Activity”. Using this method anyone can successfully mine for lovecoins using just their Home PC. No need for specialized and expensive mining equipment. To mine all one has to do is either start the official Telegram Mining Bot or completing tasks on CPH Faucets. Easy peasy.

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